Month: April 2020

Luna Mono Gordo 2.0 Review

Luna Mono Gordo 2.0

Like the Chaco Z/Cloud two, the Mono Gordo 2.0’s adjustment system is made up mostly of a single continuous strap that flows through the sandal at distinct points, so when you adjust one strap, you adjust them all. You can control the distance of the heel and side straps, by moving the buckle forward or […]

Polygon Siskiu T8 Review

Polygon Siskiu T8 Mountain Bike

The Siskiu T8 has a fantastic all-around performance and was a close runner up for our Editor’s Choice Award. This mid-travel trail bike is comfortable and downright fun to ride up, down, and all over. It does not particularly excel at any thing that is specific, it is just good at everything. The longer we […]

Kona Honzo AL/DL 2017 Review

Kona Honzo Review

Instead, the surface of the apparatus has a menu on the left side and a toggle that works for either scrolling and selecting, in addition to scrolling buttons, along with a back button and light/power button on the right. With no touch screen, this allows cold weather use, both due to the buttons, and controls. […]

Giro Switchblade MIPS Review

Giro Switchblade MIPS

The Switchblade provides impressive ventilation in both settings. No matter how difficult you twist the retention dial, there are no pressure points. Our only criticism is that the match on the top of the head is a bit funky. We wouldn’t call it uncomfortable or painful, but it would have been nice to have a […]

Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker Review

Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker

This attribute, locking mechanism and plus the Blur’s light hinge, lends a confidence-inspiring feel to the Blur. In many product categories, our three month evaluation interval is time to draw out strength concerns. With pocket knives, a kind of equipment that is handed down through several generations, at three weeks of even heavy usage, we […]

Brooks Cascadia 11 Review

Brooks Cascadia 11

The shoe features a 10mm heel-toe fall, putting it firmly within the traditional category. But, it is the most narrow shoe that we analyzed in this years inspection. Internet customer reviews complained that it was thinner and these sneakers are at least two or three millimeters narrower than their predecessors that were already long and […]