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Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy 10 Review

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy 10

The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy 10 suffers from a classic case of its performance being held back by a really poor component specification. This bike features a geometry and frame design that appears great on paper and doubtless performs alright during a higher-end build. The low-end component spec on the Alloy 10, however, is best fitted to more casual cruising on bike paths and therefore the occasional all-terrain bike ride on smoother trails or […]

Salsa Horsethief Deore Bike Review

Salsa Horsethief Deore Bike

The deore construct is the entry-level model in salsa’s variety of mid-travel horsethief trail motorcycles. This 29er has 120mm of rear suspension paired with a 140mm fork, proper inside the candy spot for a huge range of riders and places. The cut up pivot suspension layout affords a supple path-smoothing rear stop, and this motorcycle […]

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Mountain Bike Review

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Mountain Bike

The Hightower LT is Santa Cruz’s enduro-prepared 29er that creates a breathtaking parity of climbing proficiency and downhill ability. Two analyzers put this wagon-wheeled shred sled through its paces to perceive how it fared on a wide scope of territory. Hammering out 4,000 feet of climbing is a shockingly charming undertaking on such an unruly […]

YT Jeffsy AL Base Bike Review

YT Jeffsy AL Base Bike

YT has been producing the Jeffsy for a few years now and is a brand new design for this season. Previous versions of the Jeffsy have felt fine but not good, and YT has addressed a number of those issues. On account of the reality that YT is a consumer-direct brand, the Jeffsy AL Base […]

Sondors Thin E-Bike Review

Sondors Thin E-Bike

On the flats, the Sondors gives plenty of pep In 350 watts. It handles hills readily. As soon as you get to severe”San Francisco” steep hills, expect to maintain granny gear, pedaling hard, and still working hard for this. We have had two durability issues. One is the derailer guard limits the range of the […]

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 50 Bike Review

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 50

The Rocky Mountain Instinct is a powerful and efficient climber. A good platform is provided by the Smoothlink suspension. The climb switch is not required, although flipping the lever into the medium position helps maintain better effective geometry. The components worked well-enough on the ascent. The Instinct puts riders directly on top of the cranks. […]

YT Jeffsy AL Comp 27 Bike Review

With a dose of speed and a little body language, this can be a responsive and lively bike. Charging rough sections of course down is less pleasant. The exact innovative design provides. The parts on our test bike worked well, but we believe the rear shock and Maxxis High Roller II front tire might be […]

Polygon Siskiu T8 Review

Polygon Siskiu T8 Mountain Bike

The Siskiu T8 has a fantastic all-around performance and was a close runner up for our Editor’s Choice Award. This mid-travel trail bike is comfortable and downright fun to ride up, down, and all over. It does not particularly excel at any thing that is specific, it is just good at everything. The longer we […]

Kona Honzo AL/DL 2017 Review

Kona Honzo Review

Instead, the surface of the apparatus has a menu on the left side and a toggle that works for either scrolling and selecting, in addition to scrolling buttons, along with a back button and light/power button on the right. With no touch screen, this allows cold weather use, both due to the buttons, and controls. […]