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Nordica Enforcer 93 Review

Nordica Enforcer 93

When Nordica introduced their Enforcer 100, skiers from coast to coast went wild. It handled all types of ski conditions and terrain well and won awards. The Enforcer 100 was SO popular that by creating a ski using a profile a bit smaller, Nordica decided to build on their success. Typically, when a ski increases […]

Burton Flight Attendant Ski Review

Burton Flight Attendant Ski

Scoring a 9 out of 10 in everything border related, the Flight Attendant illustrates classic camber and border precision. The sole real board to outdo it in this section, scoring a perfect 10 was that the Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro, but for reasons that are various. The Flight Attendant reacts well edge to edge […]

Apex HP-L Women’s Review

Apex HP L Review

This is tough for us since the boot is entirely distinct from another ski boot analyzed. It’s also unlike anything we have experienced before. We do worry that the flimsy straps can break or wear out quicker than the supported plastic of a ski boot that is conventional. There are several moving parts and pieces […]

Salomon QST 99 Review

Salomon QST Ski

When circumstances are variable or firm, the Salomon QST 99 are best left at home. Our testers felt that the large floppy tips together with vibration dampening that was poor and a flex left a bit to be desired from an all-mountain ski. Adding to that, we discovered those tips being deflected easily and the […]

Volkl 90eight W Review

Volkl 90eight W

The title Volkl tends to inspire images of hard-charging Germans on slick freshwater pistes; those skis live up to the ruggedness of that history, but besides their brutish personality, they don’t have much to give the typical weekend warrior. One other category in which we hoped these skis would excel, but in this circumstance, they […]

Blizzard Rustler 10 Review

Blizzard Rustler 10

The Rustler 10 is an excellent ski that every (yes EVERY) among our testers raved about. It is true that the skis are more enjoyable in snow, but we are convinced you are going to have just fun when conditions firm up. All that aside, the Rustler can nevertheless perform at speed, and blew away […]

Head Kore 93 Review

Ski Head Kore

The Kore 93 doesn’t feel quite as moist as the best contenders in this class, we didn’t go through the intense chatter our testers thought they would. We discovered the Kore 93 in the end of the rate limits, which can be large to lack equilibrium. However, in nearly all states, and the Kore 93 […]

Dynafit ST Rotation 12 Review

ST Rotation 2.0

When we look at vacationing performance, we consider a binding heel risers, propensity for icing, and pivot range of motion. The Dynafit Rotation has heel risers that are exceptional; it is easy to adapt between the 3 degrees supplied, and the three degrees are relatively far apart, uniform within their stature differences. Likewise the range […]

Icelantic Skis Oracle 88 Review

Icelantic Skis Oracle

Some testers did experience being bounced around more than they would like on those marginally milder, lighter flashes. We thought their strength in crud is really that they’re so lightweight, they seem to soar on top of the chunky-funkiness. The majority of us did agree than we did on the K2s that we felt more […]