Osprey Daylite Plus Laptop Backpack Review

From time to time we get befuddled when attempting to classify an item. With the Osprey Daylite Plus, we were confounded positively. It is at the same time an incredible climber’s pack and an advanced laptop/travel/day by day bag. Scarcely any different packs overcome that issue. We loved the wonderful way simple it was to go from urban interests to wild interests. All things considered, without a powerful suspension and with some cut corners as far as highlights, this pack is best for the individuals who truly need an incredible urban/mountain hybrid pack, and has earned our Top Pick for its magnificent presentation around town.

Osprey Daylite Plus Laptop Backpack Review

Osprey Daylite Plus Laptop Backpack Review

The Daylite Plus from Osprey is a most rich blend of climbing daypack and ordinary or travel laptop bag. This model is for a thin specialty of purchasers and one that doesn’t require sensibly elite. Notwithstanding, the Daylite Plus is a bag that performs similarly well while climbing in the wild as it does in the city conveying your work stuff to and fro.

As an item that could show up in our audit of laptop bags, the Daylite Plus does astoundingly well as a day climbing pack. It is an improved daypack that can convey your laptop and your day by day work materials, just as the 10 fundamentals for a day of mountain biking or climbing.

Osprey Daylite Plus Laptop Backpack

Osprey makes agreeable packs. Indeed, even with generally moderate suspension, the cautious extents of the Daylite Plus are agreeable. The shoulder ties are slender, however shaped and proportioned well for most clients. The removable midriff belt is decent, yet doesn’t convey a lot of burden. The straightforward work over-froth back board is breathable. A suspended-work back board would be better for ventilation, however packs with firm back boards once in a while function admirably for around or travel use.

Osprey Daylite Plus Laptop Backpack

Osprey Daylite Plus Laptop Backpack

The Daylite Plus sits a little over the center of the weight to volume range. At 20 ounces and 1.18 oz/L, it’s somewhat substantial for a little daypack, the greater part of which come in around or under 1 oz/L. Nonetheless, it has some decent highlights, as inward divider pockets. It’s association capacities are a respectable tradeoff for it being somewhat substantial.

Laptop Backpack Review

The Daylite Plus utilizations thicker textures and tough, simple to get clasps and zipper pulls, defending its somewhat higher than normal weight. It additionally gives a lot of outside conveying alternatives, similar to pressure lashes and an external stuff pocket that can hold a little layer. These things include weight yet make for an extremely practical pack.

Osprey cautiously tailors their rucksacks. Zippers pull easily, clasps work neatly, and when a tie crosses a zipper, it does so to a great extent off the beaten path. The Daylite Plus is no special case. We discovered all the highlights valuable and found the general development and primary compartment to be utilitarian.

We had no issues with the development and solidness of the Osprey Daylite Plus. Few have had numerous issues with any Osprey pack. They make incredible, all around manufactured rigging. They likewise back it up with an extraordinary guarantee. The Daylite Plus has tight creases, solid materials, smooth zippers, and thick lashes.


We truly attempt and sort out items into various classes. Outstandingly, what we test as “daypacks” and what we test as “laptop rucksacks” are to some degree comparative, yet have enough characterizing contrasts to classify items into either without any problem.

The Daylite Plus really overcomes any barrier for this situation. It advanced into this audit absolutely on its climbing execution, however could without much of a stretch show up in the laptop survey. In case you’re searching for an extraordinary bag for having a great time outside just as completing some genuine work during the week, our Top Pick for around-town use is the bag for you.

Updated: May 11, 2020 — 3:29 pm

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