Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit Review

The Circuit weighs 40 oz total, and can continue to 64 liters. Compared to the ULA Ohm 2.0 and the Gossamer Gear Gorilla, the Circuit weighs 9 ounces more, but also has a larger carrying capacity and more support than both of these packs. For a big capacity pack, we were impressed with the Circuit’s capacity to sense lightweight, without sacrificing comfort (that will be true from the Granite Gear Virga two, that includes little to no assistance ). Once more, the backpacking globe has been supplied by ULA with yet another pack. The ULA Circuit is very like a favorite from last year’s evaluations, the ULA Ohm 2.0. The Circuit is a bit larger than the Ohm 2.0 and weighs a bit more. This weight and carrying capacity makes it a fantastic alternative for long distances, carrying people backpacking, or heavy loads. The Circuit is comfortable, especially for heavier loads. The feature set provided a mesh exterior pocket for miscellaneous products and clothes and nearly everything we wanted with lashing capabilities.

Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit Review

Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit Review

With high scores in weight to volume, comfort, and durability, the ULA Circuit was a fantastic all-around actor among the packs in this review. Among the newest in the review, the Circuit performed second-best, just falling behind the ultralight Granite Gear Virga 2 regarding weight to volume. This could be impressive, but the fact that the ULA Circuit can be comfortable after a day on the trail, and rear on the shoulders, buttocks makes it among our best packs in the updated review of this season. The Circuit is a great all-around pack that may be used in many different scenarios, from ultralight backpacking into the backcountry to winter time trips.

Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit Backpack

Generally speaking, the ULA Circuit has most everything we needed in an ultralight backpacking package, with a few small flaws. We found that the two side pockets were assembled with an opening that is placed at a steep angle, that made for wasted space and fabric. The side pockets were only useful for storing but lacks the versatility of packs such as the Gossamer Gear Mariposa, that have different sized pockets. The pack does have a mesh pocket that is large shared in ultralight pack design which was great for drying things out throughout the day.

The Circuit is a great ultralight style pack that will not disappoint regarding durability and longevity. The ULA Circuit is a superb package for people who do not wish to go nominal with their foundation weight and are new to ultralight backpacking. The pack has a carrying capacity, is durable, and is comfortable for long days. On attributes, Ultralight Adventure Gear didn’t go About design, but the package provides storage to keep your gear.

ULA Circuit

ULA Circuit

The first being that the difference between its total weight and stripped weight is minimal, making the average weight of the pack higher than packs such as the ULA Ohm 2.0 that can be stripped down a long time. Although the Circuit gets a score in the weight to volume metric, it is still a pack that feels light due to its simple layout. Packs that received scores that are comparable are the Osprey Levity 45. The shoulder straps seemed to be both comfortable on male and female hikers and did not rub uncomfortably. The waist belt is more adjustable and comfortable .

ULA Circut Backpack

Regarding comfort, the ULA Circuit performed quite well in our area tests. Our impressions of this pack from several days at the backcountry lines up with ULA’s asserts that this package is made with comfort in mind. The pack has a 1.2 oz carbon fiber and Delrin suspension hoop in combination with a solid inner foam framework and a single aluminum stay. This framework design gives load control, back support, and rigidity, without limiting the range of movement on or sacrificing weight.


The ULA Circuit scored highly in almost all metric classes and performed good on the ground day after day. In terms of weight to volume, the pack is unmatched. As the ultralight packs we tested, comfort wise, the ULA is up with all both Gossamer Gear packs. Was at a few of the design features positioning and the size of these pockets. The package is flexible, in actuality, it would appear that its application would be as a one-pack- quiver — a bunch that could function in a variety of situations.

Updated: April 28, 2020 — 3:49 pm

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