Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 50 Bike Review

The Rocky Mountain Instinct is a powerful and efficient climber. A good platform is provided by the Smoothlink suspension. The climb switch is not required, although flipping the lever into the medium position helps maintain better effective geometry. The components worked well-enough on the ascent.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 50

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 50

The Instinct puts riders directly on top of the cranks. The 74.7-degree seat tube angle feels considerably steeper. This bike puts your nose directly. Despite reach measurements and powerful top tube, the cockpit feels tight. However, the Instinct offers a climbing position that is nice.

Mountain Bike

The Instinct provides predictable and quick-witted downhill performance. Travel numbers can be deceiving and this 29er isn’t as aggressive as some bikes with comparable quantities of squish. This bicycle has a preference for trails of super terrain that is rough or chunky. The component grouping features some highlights and some lowlights. Rocky Mountain uses their Smoothlink Suspension system that’s a 4-bar layout. The Instinct is slacker than the prior iteration. The Ride-9 system includes adjustable geometry with a whomping nine configurations. Our bikes were analyzed by us in progressive position two and the slack and theneutral place 5.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy

Searching for a more competitive mid-travel 29er? The Santa Cruz Hightower is competent on nasty terrain. In comparison to this Instinct, the Hightower written on big hits as well as chatter and feels much more substantial and descends with more confidence. The Hightower’s climbing position is slightly behind the cranks at which riders are put by the Instinct directly. Despite the climbing posture, the Hightower is made a climber that is formidable by the firm platform. What is the catch? The Hightower is spendy.

It is only available in carbon fiber with prices starting at $3999.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy Bike

According to Rocky Mountain that the Instinct is the”most flexible road bike” which is”stable and competitive”. This bicycle is flexible in the domain of trail bikes. The Instinct is capable of tiny doses of steep and choppy terrain and equally climbs. We would not call this bike especially competitive. We have ridden 29ers with less traveling which are a lot more competitive than the Instinct. This bike is most appropriate for trail riders who need a bit of suspension but do not plan on riding significant amounts of gnar. A pass should be taken by those seeking to attack substantial quantities of rough paths on this one.

The all-new Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 50 combines stellar climbing skills and sharp handling using mediocre downhill performance. Three Writers spend two weeks to supply you with the ride features that are crucial. The Instinct is a path bike through and through. Despite having 140mm of travel and aggressive angles, this bike is not confident or comfortable charging down terrain. Still, the Instinct is an efficient climber that provides sharp and accurate handling. The 3199 price tag on our Alloy 50 version helps make this bike a feasible choice for the trail rider who enjoys a little travel’s security net.

At $3199, the Instinct is a reasonable value. Contemporary geometry, angles that are aggressive brakes, and components can be tough to find in this budget. Climbing is stellar and descending is acceptable.

Final Words

The Rocky Mountain Instinct is a swift climbing and sharp handling trail bike best suited for mellow to moderate terrain. Impressive climbing abilities make this bike comfortable option for long days in the saddle. This 140mm 29er doesn’t have the chops to tackle enduro grade terrain like the Yeti SB5.5, Santa Cruz Hightower, or Canyon Spectral. Still, at $3199 this bike is a respectable value for trail riders who want a bit of extra squish.

Updated: May 6, 2020 — 3:23 pm

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