Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Mountain Bike Review

The Hightower LT is Santa Cruz’s enduro-prepared 29er that creates a breathtaking parity of climbing proficiency and downhill ability. Two analyzers put this wagon-wheeled shred sled through its paces to perceive how it fared on a wide scope of territory. Hammering out 4,000 feet of climbing is a shockingly charming undertaking on such an unruly bike. Pounding through level areas of trails on the firm Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) pedal stage is smart and energetic. Above all, when it is party time, downhill execution is magnificently unsurprising and stable.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Mountain Bike Review

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Mountain Bike Review

The Hightower LT stays made at speed and is agreeable over the chunder. This bike offers staggering downhill execution without going over the edge with suspension or geometry numbers. A $5,699 sticker price for the XE manufacture is somewhat elevated, even with a Fox 36 Execution First class fork, Fox Buoy DPX2 stun and a Shimano XT 1×11. All things considered, the very good quality exhibition and casing configuration go far to legitimize the cost. The Hightower LT could without much of a stretch fill in as your day by day driver and is one of our preferred bikes ever.

Hightower LT Mountain Bike

we directed this forceful 29er over a wide scope of landscape and soil types in California, Nevada, and Oregon. They likewise hustled it straight on against the Sasquatch SB5.5 and appraised it against each trail off-road bike we’ve ridden. They saw the 2018 Hightower LT as a long-travel 29er with a forceful downhill mentality that keeps up marvelous climbing habits. This large wheeler is glad to tear down stream trails and afterward climb two hours to assault some enduro-grade rough drops.

The Hightower LT is a great bike because of the huge scope of landscape it can ride. There is no uncertainty this bike does not have the zippy and lively disposition of numerous shorter travel rigs. All things considered, generally sharp taking care of makes for a vivacious ride.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Mountain Bike

Having a lot of alternatives is entertaining. With the Hightower LT, you can impact out a 40-mile epic path ride one day and afterward go shred park laps the following day. Enduro race or boondocks investigation ride, the decision is yours. While having an adaptable bike may not really be fun in the grinning and chuckling sense, it is no uncertainty significant. With the LT, anything is possible for you.

The Hightower LT produces noteworthy red-coating 29er execution that handles cleave in a made way. The 150mm of back wheel travel fits the geometry of this edge flawlessly and handles the dominant part of trail easily. Rapid stream segments are an impact and the LT handles well through embankments. Insignificant non-verbal communication is required to get this bike to obey directions. In any case, when the gnar factor is turned to 11 and things get genuine steep, this bike could profit by a loafer geometry.

Mountain Bike

The Hightower LT is an agreeable and productive climber that feels more like a path bike than an enduro bike on the rising. A brisk look at the geometry sheet for the Hightower LT proposes that this bike was planned in light of climbing. The 150mm of movement and a 66 head tube edge appear to target increasingly a widely appealing methodology when contrasted with the dashed out Trek Cut or Norco Range.

There is no uncertainty that the Hightower LT XE performs well overall. The dialed, adjusted execution and high fun factor are evident. The $5,699 sticker price is certainly on the robust side. All things considered, Fox Execution Tip top suspension, Shimano XT brakes, and XT 1×11 drivetrain are sensible form determinations when combined with such elite. Look at the Carbon S work for a superior arrangement and a cost of $4,899.


The enduro classification is continually advancing. Numerous enduro race rigs highlight a lot of movement and uncontrollably slack geometry to fill in as a genuine all-trail blazing bike. Santa Cruz adopts a very balanced strategy with the new Hightower LT.

This reasonable 150mm travel large apparatus offers magnificent climbing capacities and squashing plunging abilities. This bike can really do everything with a forceful demeanor. Trail-pounding day by day driver or a tearing enduro race-rig, the Santa Cruz Hightower LT has you secured.

Updated: May 9, 2020 — 2:17 pm

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