YT Jeffsy AL Base Bike Review

YT has been producing the Jeffsy for a few years now and is a brand new design for this season. Previous versions of the Jeffsy have felt fine but not good, and YT has addressed a number of those issues. On account of the reality that YT is a consumer-direct brand, the Jeffsy AL Base comes with an impressive build for the cost that brands can’t touch. This bike has. Whether you are climbing or descending, riding full rate or taking it easy, the Jeffsy feels dialed and performs well over the asking price. The Jesffsy AL Base has you covered if you’re searching for a bike that can do everything and doesn’t need any upgrades to be route worthy.

YT Jeffsy AL Base 2019 Review

YT Jeffsy AL Base 2019 Review

The Jeffsy’s geometry is not anything especially noteworthy, particularly with today’s standards, and the numbers are really quite moderate, but that is one reason that this bike feels so effective in so many different conditions. The Polygon Siskiu T8 boasts a fun factor for the exact same reason as the Jeffsy. It ends up that bikes with great functionality are just plain fun. Though the fun-factor of that bike was oriented and one-dimensional we also had a burst atop the Cannondale Habit 6.

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In contrast to other bikes in this particular review, the Jeffsy is similar to this Polygon Siskiu T8 which is similarly well-rounded and capable in most situations. The Trance 3 drops a little bit behind both bicycles with a preference toward smooth and fast terrain. It prefers speeds and straight lines although the Cannondale Habit 6 excels on the descents. On the other end of the spectrum, the Kona Hei Hei has a super attitude that is playful but falters when things become steep or rough.

YT Jeffsy AL Base Bike

YT Jeffsy AL Base Bike

The Jeffsy boasts a part specification and solid performance that significantly exceed the asking price. With 140mm of rear and front wheel travel, this really is a trail slayer that feels balanced and composed in most situations. This bicycle is downright comfortable and also a blast to ride just about anyplace. It has an superb blend of stability and agility thanks and responsive handling to its geometry numbers and suspension that is dialed. It is a touch heavy, but it performs well on the climbs thanks to wide selection NX Eagle drivetrain, its geometry, and tire specification. The construct is also dialed and it is ready to get after it from the box. We were impressed by the Jeffsy .

Jeffsy AL Base Bike

This is a nicely balanced and exceptionally competent mid-travel trail bike that is suitable for just about anybody and any kind of riding. This bike is a great all arounder that is a cozy climber, confident descender, and includes a build that doesn’t disappoint. It’s not a light XC bike, nor can it be an brawler, instead, YT nailed the middle ground that we believe is high praise for a bike in this price range.

It doesn’t take long to get comfortable on the Jeffsy, in fact, testers found there was nothing to be concerned about other than shock pressures to dial it into their liking. We found ourselves pushing it hard and gunning for KOM’s on nearby paths, something we reserve for our 7K+ superbikes. The Jeffsy did not flinch, and we never discovered its top rate. Unlike some bikes, you do not have to ride it full speed to have a good time, it functions well at low and moderate speeds and can manage technical and chunky riding as well or better compared to other bikes in this test. It is reasonably lively and doesn’t mind manuals or popping off side hits, though it has a planted and secure feel that’s undeniable.

The Jeffsy AL does not exactly excel at any particular part of its performance, instead, it is just really good at everything. This bike feels comfortable with especially well-balanced trail manners and capacities and components that exceed the purchase price of admission. This excellent all-around functionality makes the Jeffsy among the most fun bicycles to ride in this review.


If you’re looking then look no further. Our testers were impressed by the Jeffsy AL Base with a competent and versatile ride along with an outstanding cost to performance ratio across the board. This bike balanced at all times and just feels comfy and comes with a construct that’s ready for anything directly out of the box. If you want performance but you do not want a high price then take a look at our Editor’s Choice Award winner.

Updated: May 7, 2020 — 3:27 pm

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