YT Jeffsy AL Comp 27 Bike Review

With a dose of speed and a little body language, this can be a responsive and lively bike. Charging rough sections of course down is less pleasant. The exact innovative design provides. The parts on our test bike worked well, but we believe the rear shock and Maxxis High Roller II front tire might be readily improved.

The Canyon Spectral offers impressive performance at an unrivaled value. Growing is productive and predictable.The calm and comparatively bob-free climbing motion is hampered by just how heavy this bike settles to its shock stroke in scale mode. Seated or standing the way in which the shock settles deep inside its breath to creates a very slack effective head tube and seat tube angle.

YT Jeffsy AL Comp 27 2018

YT Jeffsy AL Comp 27 2018

In both geometry configurations, this bike is confident. It isn’t phased or discouraged by high rates. The Jeffsy doesn’t get the rate shakes or possess any geometry defects on flow trails. It takes a little bit of body language, however, the Jeffsy is reactive and operates through corners efficiently. Dip the shoulder and this bicycle railings through corners. Riders are invited to keep the pedals turning to keep building speed. This bike is quite balanced in the atmosphere and has an appetite for side-hits and promotes.

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This bicycle has an impressive climbing motion. If we briefly ignore our problem with the rear shock, the Jeffsy is a serene and beneficial climber. There’s minimal pedal bob, and grinding uphill is striking to get a 150mm travel bicycle. Two testers spent putting this 150mm travel trail bike. The Jeffsy 27 provides a rock-solid ride that is at its best on fast and smoother trails. Having a healthy quantity of rider input, this bike is playful and responsive. Stone gardens are less pleasant. A suspicious shock specification and an extremely advanced suspension layout create.

Climbing skills leave something to be wanted. The jolt of this bike creates an climbing position in the open and climb settings, while the climbing motion is smooth and calm. To its shock stroke, this bike settles deep under rider weight, dropping the back end too much better. This produces an ultra-slack effective head tube and seat tube angles and is detrimental to climbing abilities. The 27 AL Comp is a huge value and provides a fantastic build kit.

YT Jeffsy AL Comp 27 2018 Review

YT Jeffsy AL Comp 27 2018 Review

Riders looking for an aggressive trail bike that boasts amazing components at a very competitive price will love the Jeffsy 27 AL Comp. Yes, there are 140-150mm road bikes that offer superior performance on rough or old-school paths. Riders who prefer new-school flow trails to ones that are burly and rough will be happy with this bicycle. If you’re considering this bicycle that is competitive to dabble in certain park riding or enduro racing, there are choices. Nonetheless, the value is high and, at the end of the day, cash is king.

YT Jeffsy AL Comp 27 Bike

We analyzed the Jeffsy 29 AL Comp this summer. Overall, we favor the Jeffsy 27. The 29er is the pick for rides and trails that are open. The Jeffsy 27 is the choice to the rider that appreciates cornering abilities and flickability. The 27.5 version feels considerably more competitive and confident whatsoever. Not surprisingly, both bicycles feature that same super-progressive suspension layout that makes rough paths jarring.

Riders looking for a more aggressive 27.5 road bike with greater scaling skills should think about the Rocky Mountain Altitude. The Altitude provides rising efficacy and has 150mm of travel. This bicycle hustles enjoy a bike with suspension. This bicycle is capable and can handle the vast majority of trails when directed downhill. The Altitude cans disturb and push on it outside of its comfort level. Our Alloy 50 test bike sold for $ and boasted an impressive value.


The Jeffsy AL Comp is a competitive road bike with a transparent preference for quick and flowy paths. Riders who favor carrying rate and slashing through berms will prefer this bicycle. The back end that is super-progressive makes stone gardens feel unpleasant. Though it has a tendency to settle heavy from the journey of the shock, making head tube and seat tube angles or an extremely slack sagged the Jeffsy is a climber that is decent. Irrespective of its shortcomings, potential customers will probably be hard pressed finding parts

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