Engel 65 High End Cooler Review

The Engel 65 is a good performer for less price compared to most of the competition, winning our award for Best Buy to get a High End Cooler. Though not a bluff in almost any category, this version provides a few jar openers, superb durability, and insulation, which makes it a worthy contender amid a audience. Its latches do not need the tug-and-pull dancing they need and are somewhat different than most of its peers. We think its a convenient size whilst still being mobile by one individual, Even though a little smaller than advertised. Despite this coolers’ lack of knocking off our socks, we’re pretty impressed with the good performance of this cooler at some extreme — and more expensive — competition’s face.

Engel 65 Review

Engel 65 Review


Nevertheless, it exhibited some details during our testing that knocked its score down a couple barrels compared to other similar models. These details include a noticeable lid motion when jumped on by a 225 lb tester (though we realize that this is outside of the reach of’normal’ usage) and numerous online complaints of this rubber latches extending out with time. Our encounters with said latches also showed their propensity to extend though we haven’t yet had the chance to utilize this cooler for many, many years.

High End Cooler Review

The Engel stocks a lot of similarities in design to several of its competitors, such as its beefy rotomolded construction, interlocking hinge, and double-carry handles. But, Engel did not follow suit with the rubberized T-grip pull latches used by many of its rivals. While we believe this might be an advantage to the cooler, as its layout requires less muscling around than the T-grip latches, we are not impressed with the operation of the latches. We found these to be a rather long, skinny contour with too small of a maneuvering space to easily and rapidly clasp closed. They tended to sew a little side to side as well, meaning more exact movements were required to shut the cooler. We believe that muscle power was essentially traded by using this latch over the T-grips .

The Engel has an easy to use drain using two sizing choices for water elimination. Its capacity was quantified by us at 56 quarts, which is just two quarts shy of the claimed capacity. We think it’s a great size which compromises the capability to take a ton of food and beverages with the capacity to still have a person lug it around, Even though this is a bit smaller than a number of the versions we’ve tested. It has one of the most textured lids of any option we analyzed, making it easier than many to set shirt with items without losing them.

High End Cooler

High End Cooler

The more narrow size of this cooler also eases the adventurer being able to maneuver this ice chest around solo. Se adore its light starting weight and capacity that will not let you overstuff it, although of course, it is going to become increasingly more difficult for one-person freedom the longer you pack into it. It has the classic handle set that coolers of the general build possess, letting you partner-carry it instead in the event that you’ve got a buddy willing to help.

Engel 65 Review

The Engel is one of several rotomolded coolers we analyzed with an airtight rubber gasket sealing it closed. This construction likely contributes to its above-average performance in our insulation evaluations that are torturous. In contrast to the average of just 4.5 times at or below 40º, the Engel lasted 5.6 times and continued to keep that inside below 50º (believe refreshing beer) to get a full six weeks – also above average. The versions in this test last only under a day longer at temperatures.


This cooler’s standard base price used to be significantly lower than other high-end organizers. This gap has narrowed, As soon as it’s still reduced. By viewing deals and sales from retailers But, it’s still possible to locate the Engel for lower prices. Even at full-price, we think it’s a value for what you get. It’s not a celebrity in any category but is a great cooler for less than the competition. And for some we think it’s even more of a thing.

Updated: April 24, 2020 — 2:01 pm

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