ENO DoubleNest Review

Keep in mind that the burden of hammocks like the DoubleNest is just great if compared to other summery open model hammocks.
Wider and more hammocks are frequently more comfortable, and the DoubleNest is no exception. The parachute nylon fabric feels fantastic, even against bare skin, and also the width, when compared to models, makes cocooning from the hammock more easy. We discovered that relaxing as a set is enjoyable and simple in the DoubleNest while we don’t recommend sleeping as a few in almost any hammock. We enjoyed being able to awaken and sip on coffee in a double together and curl up in our sleeping bags in sunset before crashing in hammocks, when hammock swimming with a significant other. The beauty of a double is to sleep. At 19 oz, the DoubleNest is a competitive weight to get a version that is double, coming in models aside from the Sea to Summit Pro.

ENO DoubleNest Review

ENO DoubleNest Review

A double hammock is almost always a versatile solution, even though we would not suggest sleeping as a set in one. Oftentimes, hammocks are employed for lounge activities like sitting and watching the sunset or reading a book under a tree, as well as for sleeping. For all these uses, the DoubleNest is fantastic, as well as the capability makes it perfect for kids to play for a few friends and to pile into. And a bit of research into a double hammock can be utilized will show you all kinds of fun and imaginative lounging and sitting positions you might not have considered.

Lightweight Double Hammock

As a great double hammock, the DoubleNest is only a bit smaller and less comfortable than any other comparable models we tested. Tried and true, the ENO DoubleNest has withstood the test of time as an effortless hammock adored by many. It’s comfortable, spacious, well-constructed, and simple to establish. And it is available in a whole lot of patterns and fun colours! By including a compression strap to the fabric sofa and including aluminum carabiners, this is an perfect compact and compact camping option for individuals wanting more room than provided by means of a weathered hammock or one version.

ENO DoubleNest

ENO DoubleNest

The ENO DoubleNest remains one of the very well-known hammocks on the market, and after just a few minutes lounging in it you may understand why. The packaging size fits easily in a bunch, and the width is more comfortable for extended trips. It is a hammock without any of the frills of a number of the other models we tested but there.

ENO Double Nest Review

So long as upgrades are bought for weather or bugs, this hammock is one we would not have any problem recommending for three or four-season usage, as it easily holds an assortment of sleeping pads and bags. If you’re planning to push into weeks or more surroundings, upgrading to a package is also an excellent idea.

ENO does not include a suspension system with any of the hammocks. Those looking to integrate their setup might not see the difference or care. There are methods and various choices to try, and before traipsing out into the forest, you’ll need to decide on this original. However, installation is as simple as clipping on the carabiners that are included into your anchor once that issue is resolved.


The ENO DoubleNest is a deservedly popular hammock that’s comfortable both for a single camper to sleep in or to get a few stargaze and to find cozy. The low weight and compact size are excellent and it can easily be upgraded for colder climates also.

Updated: April 25, 2020 — 2:13 pm

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