Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Review

Most of the tools we tested come with belt sheaths. This is an automatic bump in the tool’s portability score. The Suspension includes a nylon and velcro case. Beyond the presence or lack of a sheath, we look for other carry options (such as a pocket clip or key ring- the Suspension has neither of these) and dimensions and weight. Near the surface of the heap, the Suspension is regarding volume and mass. Just a few tested tools are heavier, and the measurements are above average. For large-handed people who will carry the Suspension in their belt, weight and this size are decent. Others are more compact, lighter, and also come equipped with a built-in pocket clip, if you would like to carry your or on extended human powered experiences.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Gerber’s first entry to the plier’s based multi-tool company was the slide-to-engage design Gerber Multi-Plier 600. The 600 is unique, but somewhat unrefined. The Suspension is a”balisong” design instrument, folding open to show the pliers. Therefore, it is not as unique in the marketplace. Otherwise, the Suspension is more elegant and contains more resources than the elderly 600.

Portable Suspension Multi Plier

In our expertise, in addition to in tests elsewhere on the internet, the rounded design of the Suspension make it among the more user-friendly tools within our test. Additionally, such as the scoring tools we examined, tools of the Suspension are available without deploying the pliers. This can be a testament to our strict pre-screening of products as it pertains in making products that are solid to the interest these tool companies take. Consumers of multi-tools anticipate rugged performance, and it is delivered by the manufacturers. We select before comparing them, products which represent the very best of the best. At no stage in the testing procedure did we encounter any issues. We’ve heard reports of people having problems with the spring-loaded pliers in, although binding up our use, over years this didn’t disturb us.

Multi-Plier Review

Multi-Plier Review

Each of the tools we examined here have multiple functions. Some are ubiquitous. Concerning these features, we compare quality. Others are less common. For these items, only presence vs. absence is the primary determining caliber. For some, scissors are essential and the field is automatically narrowed by sorting out our selection.

Finally, like some of our favorite multi tools, both blades of this Suspension are equipped with thumb catches for one-handed opening. For the blade user, particularly he or she that’s right-handed, this feature is appreciated.

Camping Materials – Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Review

Gerber has a solid, successful tool here. They deliver a great product, and are up against rigid, competition that is established in this class. We scoured the market for the very best of the best, and have been assessing tools for years now. The Suspension hits a price point that is sweet, and is the most refined tool of Gerber. There are tools and far better tools, but at this cost the Suspension is a good competitor. Only our Buy edged out the Suspension as the top value. Interestingly, Gerber calls it the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate and sells this exact same specific tool with just cosmetic differences. They are the exact same in function, design, and materials, with the Bear Grylls becoming expensive. For folks, that won’t carry their tool for distances or times, the Suspension is a superb budget substitute.


It is has got the tools, also useful, well-built. It’s a great price. The only catch is that Leatherman, with their price-point tool that is Wingman, provides a smaller merchandise. We assess every product at We attributes and generate an overall score the different attributes. In a subset of the goods, a subset we choose to represent the very surface of the heap, something must score in the base. However, when compared with the whole marketplace, the Suspension remains in the upper echelon.

Updated: April 24, 2020 — 3:12 pm

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