Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent Review

The Tarptent Twofold Rainbow is a lightweight and adaptable hiking tent that is extraordinary for a couple of individuals. We love its flexibility for a wide assortment of outdoors styles and climate conditions. With the parts remembered for the sack, it very well may be pitched as a semi-unsupported safe house. With the expansion of trekking shafts, it tends to be completely unsupported. This tent isn’t without its downsides. Despite the fact that there are a lot of ventilation choices, the fly is incorporated into the tent, that is, its absolutely impossible to expel it for stargazing. The bath floor is additionally low to the ground. In any case, by and large, we feel that the Twofold Rainbow offers strong sturdiness at an incredible worth.

Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent Review

Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent Review

This tent offers a great deal of exceptional plan includes that make it appropriate for longer hiking trips. It likewise comes at an incredible worth comparative with its most-comparative rivals. In spite of the fact that we saw it as more testing to set up than publicized, it is made of value materials and end up being a lifeline when setting up in the downpour.

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This tent is agreeable, particularly for tall, thin sleepers. Its 88-inch length is the longest of any sub-three-pound tent. We likewise like that it has a rectangular, non-tightened impression. It has a genuinely uniform range from entryway to entryway, which implies that two individuals can pretty much sit up simultaneously without their heads knocking up a lot against the roof. In any case, in the event that you introduce the discretionary buildup safe liner, it evacuates two or three creeps of practical headroom.

Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent

Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent

We love that it accompanies two side entryways and two vestibules. The vestibules are each 7.5 square feet, tantamount to other ultralight hiking tent models. They are huge enough for most knapsacks and a couple of boots, however you may have a lash or belt standing out from underneath. In the event that you open up the fly into the blustery day-yard mode, the vestibule space is fundamentally increasingly liberal.

The zippers on the entryways are reasonably verticle and afterward run near the position of safety floor, making them somewhat more testing to open while resting than different tents with a progressively bended zipper. It is likewise important that the entryways open in inverse ways from one another, recommending that sleepers are intended to arrange head-to-toe.

Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent

Tents this light regularly attempt to shave ounces by limiting the quantity of rigging stockpiling pockets. The Doube Rainbow is no special case. It has two of them — one by every entryway. They can oblige a little scratch pad or a telephone, yet not a lot bigger.

The Twofold Rainbow has average climate opposition yet at the same time is imperfect. Its silnylon fly offers generally excellent security from precipitation. The zippers are completely waterproof, which is a pleasant expansion, and the fly additionally runs down practically right to the ground to restrain splashback. We found that the materials of the Twofold Rainbow are in general waterproof for more and in heavier downpour than practically some other model.

Contrasted with its lightweight partners, the Twofold Rainbow piles up well. Its 30D silicon-covered texture is on par and it’s constantly a tradeoff between texture solidness and weight, which we think Tarptent balances well. We didn’t have any issues with it during testing. The main negative mark against this tent is that it requires crease fixing preceding utilizing it so as to guarantee that it is completely waterproof.

The Twofold Rainbow is a fantastic worth. There are maybe better, even more affordable alternatives for vehicle campers, however assuming longer, lighter outings are in your future, this tent is going to offer the absolute most for the least.


We truly like the versatile highlights of this tent. It is agreeable, solid and light. In spite of the fact that the tent at times gives the feeling that it was structured with a specific element simply because it expected to understand for the inadequacies of another, we despite everything imagine that on the off chance that you are sure about your outdoors aptitudes, at that point this strong worth is deserving of solid thought.


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