Tarptent MoTrail Review

The MoTrail is a tarp tent that is pitched lengthwise in A-frame manner, similar to how one would set up a catenary cut tarp. It’s cut in a manner in which foot conclusion of this A-frame, the rear is lower compared to the entrance finish, and because it features bug netting tent it is not flexible to be installed in different configurations. It’s also not”kitty” cut the eave, but instead incorporates an added triangular piece of material with a tensioning bar. We found these systems to be pretty effective, but a bit”overdone”. It is very livable and economical, though it has some difficulties.

Tarptent MoTrail

Tarptent MoTrail

This orientation has the notable advantage of allowing more length end to end inside the tarp while also allowing more foot and head clearance while sleeping. It seems big and spacious but has an extensive profile on the sides to catch the end. Including livable it is, it is relatively heavy, not super adaptable, rather than the easiest to install with stability while there’s a lot to love. It is a superb option for couples looking for a spoonful as it is not too adaptable and vulnerable to weather to use over relatively flat terrain in sheltered areas.


Camping Tent Review

The TarpTent MoTrail is a broad two-person tarp-tent style shelter which requires at minimum two trekking poles to install and features 30D SilNylon fabric. Complete protection stems from a SilNylon bathtub floor and bug netting. That consumers sleep with their head and feet parallel to the eave of the tent, instead of perpendicular to the eave Compared to another tarp tents within this review, it contrasts.

This protector ranks right up there with all the best we’ve used in regards to livability. We’ve already mentioned the inside space is, enough for lots of additional equipment or a puppy whilst still sleeping comfortably. It includes sewn-in bug netting and a bathtub floor that cannot be eliminated but do have tension straps to permit for fine-tuning determined by the site specifications. The foot end of this A-frame comes with Velcro affixed storm or privacy flaps, a great touch that may be pulled back to get better airflow.

Camping Tent

Camping Tent

This tent weighs just more than two pounds without the two hiking poles, making it a heavy tent to get an ultralight. We aren’t surprised, considering just how much fabric and cordage is including in its structure. There are virtually no choices for changing the tent to lighten the load which would not compromise its performance. What’s more, it doesn’t pack down very small in comparison with the competition — its own stuff sack is tubular, long and large, and kind of awkward to package. It is heavy in the world that is ultralight, while it is light in contrast to an ordinary backpacking tent.
This protector is quite powerful coping with rain, but with its dual lengthy, broadsides, a bit of a sail in the end requires optimum site location. It’s made completely therefore when moist, it’s prone to stretching and requires to be mentioned further. Fortunately it comes with line locks on most of points that are stake-out, so this is not such a big thing.

Easy to Use and Setup

As a result of its size, we discovered this tent to be moderately difficult to set up in the wind, although with two, it becomes quite a bit simpler, particularly with one person. For us, it was a struggle seeking to maintain them vertical whilst hammering in stakes is hard, and to acquire the pole heights perfect each moment. Compounding is the fact that with this particular setup, tips will need to orient upward into grommets, instead of downward. A set up would be easier to reach with an man, and a very long stake-out on the vestibule out from the very top of the rear pole; both these things would alter if it were our tent. In spite of a small practice, we did not find it to be more easy than erecting a standard tarp if that translates into challenges!


The TarpTent MoTrail is a tarp tent that is spacious and comfortable and contains a tub floor and bug netting. This tent is for those people who anticipate camp spots that are sheltered, and who want affordability and space.

Updated: April 20, 2020 — 1:14 pm

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