Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker Review

This attribute, locking mechanism and plus the Blur’s light hinge, lends a confidence-inspiring feel to the Blur. In many product categories, our three month evaluation interval is time to draw out strength concerns. With pocket knives, a kind of equipment that is handed down through several generations, at three weeks of even heavy usage, we are only scratching the surface. We had no issues with the durability and construction quality of this Blur. Our wish is that the structure comprised a feature to lock the blade closed. Assisted opening blades are somewhat more vulnerable to accidental opening compared to”regular” blades.

Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker Review

Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker Review

You’re able to carry the Blur several distinct ways. Of course, it is possible to drop it loose in a pocket. This manner, the aluminum edges of the glass breaker that is pointed along with the blade will accelerate wear on your pocket fabric. There is or tip down carry. Finally, is a hole at the end of the handle. Bulk and weight are normal for full-sized pocket knives. The.4″ thickness is lower profile than many full-sized knives. There is something exceptionally”eloquent” about Kershaw Knives. All of these that we’ve tested have smooth structure and both eloquent hinges. Despite heavily textured (and so tractioned) handle scales, the Kershaw Blur feels easy in your hand and pocket. It cuts smooth and opens more smoothly. The assisted opening function works great. Our wish is that the blade could be secured closed. Other assisted opening knives lock shut. It’s the glass breaker and aided opening functionality of a”tactical” knife, but doesn’t go the entire distance with a v-cutter. It is low profile such as an everyday carry knife but has the greater burden of a more tool. In the long run, it’s better suited to”everyday carry” over tactical or building purposes.

Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker Portable Knife

We analyzed the hybrid straight/serrated variant. It could be purchased with a blade , also. Since blades are easier to sharpen, we generally prefer those. Blades are recommended by us for all those cutting a lot of webbing and rope.

Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker

Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker


Portable Knife

There are many variables that advise the blade and edge performance, particularly over time, of a pocket knife. By selecting the material A knife designer frequently starts. The steel chosen is frequently where assessment of a blade finishes. We love to look more carefully, as artists will also be looking more closely. The material must be shaped, ground, sharpened, and heat. Each of these steps has a deep impact on the eventual border integrity. Finally, regardless of what the manufacturer says, every blade, needs to be resharpened through its lifespan. The Blur has an superb blade.
As an all-metal knife with a”high grip” handle, the Kershaw Blur stands out. Top it off with an assisted opening function blade layout, and performance, and you’ve got a pocket knife that is right in contention with the best of their best. Knives with multiple carry options, assisted-open function, and superior blades will do well in our matrix. This is because they do nicely for the consumer.

Every single knife that scores better than the Blur inside this metric is a bit smaller. When compared with the other knives that were full-sized it is the reversible pocket clip along with the lower profile height that set it apart.


The Kershaw Blur is super stout. The all-metal handle and blade that is thick add weight but inspire optimism. The manage profile and also configurable pocket clip indicate carry.


Updated: April 29, 2020 — 3:23 pm

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