Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool Review

This is a convenient individual’s apparatus. It has generally not many capacities, however those that are available are more helpful than normal. Strikingly, the ergonomically well disposed piece driver drives the charge and procures the Gerber Center Drive our Top Pick Grant. Supplementing the inventive piece driver is a lot of practical forceps, a promptly available fundamental edge, and some optional devices inside the pincers’ handles. Each device is about as usable as its committed partner, and all are stuck together in a bundle that is sufficiently little to convey in a pocket, however is best toted in the included belt sheath.

Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool Review

Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool Review

This present device’s essential separation is directly in the name. In many manners, this is a run of the mill slide style multi-instrument. One arm of the forceps, however, is furnished with a since a long time ago piece driver expansion. The geometry of this augmentation is with the end goal that, when sent, the bit you are utilizing is centered on the long pivot of the device handle. You can drive screws (or fasteners or nuts or anything that a piece is accessible for) from the center of the apparatus; henceforth, “Center Drive.” In genuine use, this element and its geometry are truly recognizable and significant. Gerber has certainly increased current standards with this item. Throughout recent years, we have curated a portrayal of our so far inconspicuous “dream multi-device.” With the “center driver,” Gerber has added a visual cue to our fantasy apparatus depiction. (Since you asked, our fantasy multi-apparatus must have: pocket cut convey, locking forceps, scissors, straight cutting edge, bottle/can opener, record and a Center Drive style 1/4″ piece driver. The bit driver has been on the rundown, however to make it centered and expanded like this is the new expansion to our fantasy list).

Center Drive Multi Tool

By the numbers,” the Center Drive is nothing unique as far as included capacities. It has ordinary forceps, a couple of cutting edges, a jug opener, a piece driver, and a document. Others have unquestionably more capacities included. In any case, every one of the remembered capacities for the Center Drive is commonly more helpful than those on the opposition. The primary, straight cutting edge is generally huge, for example, making it fit for bigger occupations. The pincers are strong, and the wire cutters are arranged to have more noteworthy than normal working life and can be supplanted. The bit driver, as sketched out above, is head and shoulders over the rest.

The record and jug openers are quite fundamental. The jug opener is likewise arranged as somewhat of a pry-bar and nail puller. We burrow. There is space in the handle for one additional piece, notwithstanding the one in the driver itself. Different renditions of the Center Drive accompany extra bits. We didn’t test a variant that included multiple bits. The drill is sharp, yet short and steeply tightened. One more form of the Center Drive incorporates scissors. That untested form gets much nearer to that perfect multi-instrument work choice. It is likely not worth the mass and intricacy, however the main improvement that could be made to the bit driver of the Center Drive is make it tightening.

Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool

Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool

Our analyzers had blended audits of the ergonomics of the Center Drive. The “centered driver” is an ergonomic lift, and it is this very component that procures it our Top Pick Grant. For broadened driver work, this functions just as a multi-apparatus could be relied upon to work. We additionally like the one-gave opening of the liberal and locking principle cutting edge.

Multi Tool Review

Then again, there are some ergonomic disadvantages to the Center Drive. Initial, few incline toward the slide style forceps organization. It is a stickier method of conveying forceps, and it naturally implies more play in the different turns and moving parts. Next, everything except the pincers, bit driver, and fundamental sharp edge require first opening the forceps, sending your chose capacity, and afterward reclosing the pincers.

Multi-apparatus costs keep crawling up. The cost of the Center Drive, only a couple of years back when we began distributing multi-apparatus audits, would have spoken to unquestionably the highest point of the pile. At present, at the Center Drive’s price tag, you get development, certainly. In any case, you additionally get the previously mentioned restrictions. You can spend the equivalent or more – up to 1.5x the expense of the Center Drive-and get increasingly cleaned development and more tightly execution. At no cost, however, would you be able to improve bit driver in a multi- instrument.


If “the rising tide lifts all ships,” we are happy where multi-tool design is going. The Gerber Center Drive is truly innovative, optimizing actual usage in the field. Our test team realized all this in our extensive testing. We recognize the Gerber with our Top Pick Award for its best-in-class screwdriver, but also point out a few limitations and dreams for the future.

Updated: May 11, 2020 — 2:24 pm

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