HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5 Review

While HOKA ONE has gotten interchangeable with most extreme padding, the Clifton is unique, and we were eager to evaluate the scope of the organization’s footwear. We were in a split second dazzled with how agreeable the Clifton is and seen it as a decent potential decision for sprinters searching for more padding than a customary shoe yet at the same time not exactly as much as the Bondi gives. This shoe positioned lower than a portion of its rivals for its less agreeable upper and not-as-responsive sole. Scoring exceptionally in the help and weight classes, the Clifton had strong execution by and large in any case avoided one of our pined for grants.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5

HOKA ONE discharged the Clifton 6, which highlights weaved sewing on the upper, intended to offer help and keep the foot set up without including additional weight. Think about the Clifton 6 (left) to the Clifton 5 we tried (right)

The Clifton is a strong shoe intended for solace, and we saw this as evident in the arrival however not the upper. Our analyzers valued the steady fortifications and light weight of this shoe, yet it neglected to win an honor because of its absence of responsiveness.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Running Shoes

The Clifton 5 was one of our top entertainers, yet it fails to measure up to a portion of its high scoring rivals.

This scoring metric was intended for the Clifton 5. We adored the delicate, extravagant arriving in this shoe, procuring it one of the most elevated scores in this classification. Just outranked by its kin, the HOKA ONE Bondi, the Clifton’s ride was both smooth and agreeable.

This current shoe’s exhibition in this class was like that of the Creeks Glycerin, and with just a portion of a point isolating these two models’ all out scores, it’s a hurl up to which is a superior purchase. Their arrival solaces are fundamentally the same as, and we believe that both may have an excess of padding for the normal sprinter. We acknowledged shoes with a superior equalization of padding and responsiveness, similar to that of the Streams Adrenaline GTS.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5 Review

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5 Review

The Clifton is more cushioned than most shoes in this survey, and we imagine that it would make for a great since quite a while ago run mentor or for competitors with wounds who need some additional pad to mellow the blow of many miles.

Strength and backing are typically includes remembered for a shoe for sprinters who overpronate or whose steps needs a smidgen of push the correct way. And keeping in mind that the Clifton isn’t assigned as a soundness shoe, we appreciated its strong highlights. The Clifton has superbly printed overlays on the foot. This astounding fortification, alongside a tough heel, makes for an agreeable and sure advance. Regardless of the separation, our analyzers enjoyed having a progressively hearty shoe. Not at all like the negligible Escalante, the Clifton leaves you feeling cozy and secure so you can walk with desert.

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At $130, the Clifton is on the higher side of the shoes we tried. When contrasted with the Glycerin, its nearest rival ($150), we accept the decision will have been made dependent on help and weight versus upper solace. The Clifton is estimated fittingly when contrasted with its opposition, and we wouldn’t let the cost stop you from it if it’s the correct shoe for you.


Our analyzers had blended emotions on the Hoka ONE Clifton. With a delicate landing and huge amounts of parallel help, we at first adored this shoe. Be that as it may, its tight fit and less cushioned upper wore on us, and we wound up valuing the Glycerin more. Their scores were for all intents and purposes the equivalent, isolated by just 50% of a point.

The Clifton could without much of a stretch be the shoe for you if landing solace is incomparable, however we enthusiastically suggest giving it a shot first. By the day’s end, the Clifton neglected to bring home an honor since it was more cushioned than we might suspect is essential for the normal sprinter, with insufficient responsiveness or upper solace.

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