Oboz Bridger Mid Bdry Hiking Boots for Women

The Bridger Mid BDry wound up being the stiffest, most solid boot we tried and required more time to break in than a portion of the less husky models we tried. The track is forceful, and the bottoms are thick to ensure your feet on the gnarliest of trails. For those searching for a durable, progressively customary style climbing boot, the Bridger Mid BDry may be the boot for you. These boots have the help and durable development to hold up on long exploring trips or long climbs over tough landscape. The Oboz Bridger is most at home on long, tough climbs, ideally with an overwhelming burden and a stream intersection or two.

Oboz Bridger Mid Bdry Hiking Boots for Women

Oboz Bridger Mid Bdry Hiking Boots for Women

The Oboz Bridger Mid is an all around made, forceful all-calfskin climbing boot that will hold up to loads of trail miles with an enormous pack.

These boots scored lower on comfort than some other metric due to their solidness and long break-in period. They were debilitatingly solid on steep landscape, particularly trails with enormous stone advances. The firmness of the cowhide upper made it hard to flex the foot forward when strolling tough. All things considered, with time and a vital break-in plan, these boots could turn into an extraordinary choice for long hiking trips.

Hiking Boots for Women

The lower scores the Bridger Mid got in the solace class are compensated for in their capacity to offer help for extensive stretches of time. Our feet felt entirely stable inside the Bridger Mid’s because of the nylon shanks and thermoplastic urethane forefoot plates. There was little development from side to side, and we never felt like our lower legs were going to roll, even on lopsided landscape. The boots have heaps of cushioning on the sides, and the bottoms are thick, which caused our feet to feel secured and upheld. The toe tops on the Oboz are muscular and make the Bridgers a decent alternative for difficult work, as the thick elastic on the front shielded our toes from rocks and instruments.

Oboz Bridger Mid Bdry Hiking Boots Review

Oboz Bridger Mid Bdry Hiking Boots Review

At a little more than two pounds, these boots are genuinely light for the measure of material utilized in their development. The sole, particularly the heel and toe elastic, appear to be cumbersome, and their all-calfskin upper causes them to appear to be heavier than they really are. Be that as it may, the scale doesn’t lie, so by the numbers, these are a genuinely light boot for being so husky in their plan.

Oboz Bridger Mid Bdry Hiking Boots

Developed with waterproof Nubuck cowhide uppers, these boots will keep your feet dry regardless of whether they are completely lowered in streaming water for a moment or two. The stature of the underside and the calfskin and elastic development give security from shallow puddles, however regardless of whether the cowhide upper got wet, we never felt our feet get wet. All cowhide boots with waterproof covering perform very well as far as water opposition, and the Bridgers exhibit this.

Just the honor victor, the Lowa Rebel GTX, matches the OBoz Bridger in solidness. The structure and selection of materials make these a durable shoe. Considerably after numerous long stretches of wear, they despite everything looked spic and span. They are hard to such an extent that it was really hard to break them in, which was one of only a handful scarcely any negatives we found with this boot.


The Oboz Bridger Mid is a genuine industrial climbing boot. They are extreme and solid, but since of this, we discovered them hard to break in. Their thick underside and forceful track design had our feet feeling secured and stable on lopsided landscape. The calfskin upper and incorporated binding framework likewise gave lower leg support. They are strong, tough, and very water-safe. They appeared to sparkle on tough path and worked very well in all conditions — mud, downpour, dust, rock.

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