Blizzard Rustler 10 Review

The Rustler 10 is an excellent ski that every (yes EVERY) among our testers raved about. It is true that the skis are more enjoyable in snow, but we are convinced you are going to have just fun when conditions firm up.

Blizzard Rustler 10 Review

Blizzard Rustler 10 Review

All that aside, the Rustler can nevertheless perform at speed, and blew away similar soft snow oriented competition in this category. The ski excels more at turns that are short and fast, but a number of the elements of its structure helped it earn a score. To begin with, it has a tight layer which can help keep chatter down, and the poplar/beech core dampens much of the vibration from snow variants. Possessing a length than most of the other skis we tested helped increase the stability as we pushed against it. As the Rustler continued to impress us, don’t be deterred by this single class, even in the event that you ski largely company snow.

Blizzard Rustler Review

The Rustlers were most surprising in this group. After noticing a bit of rocker up front and feeling the flex in the tips, most of our testers predicted that the hints would divert off the crud and generate a lot of chatter. We were stoked to be proven wrong!
Do not shy away from laying this ski over just because it is 104mm underfoot. It’s so fast because of its advantage to edge transition while you will forget you are on a ski. The Rustlers are an absolute blast to carve, just like you are in your favorite race skis, and despite the turn radius, so you’re going to be carving quick turns.

Blizzard has existed since the 1940s but has only recently begun to grow into one of our go-to businesses when picking great skis to review. They are known for producing hard-charging skis that want have lately been producing and to go quickly. The Blizzard Rustler 10 is an superb illustration of the progress Blizzard has made in making.
The Blizzard Rustler 10 is part of a wonderful lineup of skis from Blizzard that’s supposed to replace the Peacemaker and Gunsmoke and today includes several different waist widths. Blizzard managed to perform it, although they were large shoes to match. When conditions firm up It’s a ski that works best in snow but also holds its own. It has the pop to create it playful and simple to transition. We gave it a award because of many other reasons, and that you may read about. Fantastic.

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Although you might have to ski a bit more harshly on the Rustlers in comparison to our top celebrity to create it through the crud, all our testers found it simple to maintain the ski on track with just a little bit of work. Even though it takes less effort. The layer, again, dampens the vibrations enough that your knees and teeth will probably be thanking you.
Stability at rate is your Rustler 10s worst class, but it nevertheless put a very respectable score. That should tell you something about the abilities of those skis. Was that they could not open it up with we analyzed, since the snow started to firm up, and that optimism decreased.

Blizzard Rustler 10

Blizzard Rustler 10

We analyzed the Rustler 10 at a 188cm length. By that, we mean that although Blizzard claims they’re 188cm in length, the rocker profile makes the feel like its a 182cm. While the 180cm comes in at 102mm at the midsection the 188cm has a midsection that is 104mm. The ski’s various lengths and dimensions do not affect its functionality much, but it could be important to know if you’re thinking about buying a pair.


It is light and soft enough to swing around in the air or between bumps. The Rustler 10 is an amazing all-mountain ski that is very user-friendly. The skis pop off side hits and out of a hard carve with tons of energy. It can feel a bit unstable at the highest of speeds but generally holds together well, even in poor conditions. Our testers fell in love with the Rustlers, and we often found ourselves arguing over whose turn it was to ride them! Don’t let these skis tear your crew apart — go ahead and buy a pair for each of you.

Updated: April 21, 2020 — 8:41 pm

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