Burton Flight Attendant Ski Review

Scoring a 9 out of 10 in everything border related, the Flight Attendant illustrates classic camber and border precision. The sole real board to outdo it in this section, scoring a perfect 10 was that the Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro, but for reasons that are various. The Flight Attendant reacts well edge to edge and likes to hold on to those turns. Our Best winner, the Jones Explorer, scored a 9 out of 10 in this metric, and Jones provides an excellent board for an superb price.

Burton Flight Attendant Review

Burton Flight Attendant Review

The cambered base profile, weight, and classic edge style all helped achieve the best 10 out of 10 score for Stability in Speed. Whether flat-based, or on edge, this plank dominated the field instability. Military tanks are secure because they’re heavy, correct? They are, but they are also badass for this particular reason. Simply saying: do not write this one off just due to the weight. Even though the Flight Attendant dominated this metric contenders, like the Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro, and Buy winner Jones Explorer, put up.

Ski Board Review

Not every plank may perform extraordinarily well in each single metric. We think the same reasons the Flight Attendant is stable at speed and so good on edge enable it to suffer in the Playfulness metric. Weighty boards that are cambered are simply not as nimble as ones that are rockered that are light. If your definition of lively is restricted to speed carves we’re incorrect. Six out of 10, together with all the Burton Custom Flying V, Capita Defenders of Awesome, Arbor Wasteland, and Summer Proto Type Two taking the lead.

Burton Flight Attendant Ski

Burton Flight Attendant Ski

Scoring second smallest in the float in pow category using a 7 out of 10, this board design helps demonstrate how important hybrid profiles are for staying along with the soft material. Not as floaty as many, but definitely not the worst. The Never Summer Proto Group Two, Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro, Arbor Wasteland, and Rossignol One LF were top scorers in this metric.

Burton Flight Attendant Ski

Med-Stiff Flex+ Camber = 8 from 10 in soda up. Of the boards we tested were close within this class earned. Pop allows for secure atmosphere on jumps landings from these airs, and the increased probability that you’ll clear that stump which you’re heading right for. You must have this one to snap it’s heavy!

The Flight Attendant feels at home when moving as fast as possible and when laying down turns. Our tester grew up riding fully cambered boards like this one and, had he not recently experimented with other layouts, could have”Top Picked” this particular one. It is a ride that can pop over barriers with ease and works nicely, but it’s on the side that is heavier and is rigid, which can equate to enjoyable.

Final Wording

In case you’re looking for a fully medium-stiff ride that is a turner that is leading — the Burton Flight Attendant is a fantastic board. It held its edge well on faster and more functions, although its sidecut radius created for tight turns. We experienced nimble edge-to-edge transitioning, as this competitor was fun and stable . As expected with boards that are cambered the pop is great. In the long run, the Flight Attendant rode bigger took speed to initiate turns, than expected, and is heavier than others in our lineup. If you’re on the side that is larger, however, it is definitely not a bad option.

Updated: May 7, 2020 — 3:44 pm

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