Icelantic Skis Oracle 88 Review

Some testers did experience being bounced around more than they would like on those marginally milder, lighter flashes. We thought their strength in crud is really that they’re so lightweight, they seem to soar on top of the chunky-funkiness. The majority of us did agree than we did on the K2s that we felt more powerful in snow.
Their deftness from turn to turn makes the Oracle an perfect bulge ski. Their span made them easy to maneuver in a mogul field while some testers were disappointed the company doesn’t create them in a longer length.

Icelantic Skis Oracle 88 Review

Icelantic Skis Oracle 88 Review

Icelantic Skis Oracle

The Oracles are somewhat too gooey to really bend and arc with poise at higher velocities. Their edge hold from the steeps was much better than we expected, but nothing impressive compared to the Kastle FX 95 HP. A number of those testers also believed that the span was enough ski to feel powerful and wished Icelantic made these in a different span up.

All of us arrived at the Icelantics with several prejudices, but we also came away with the conclusion that this is a good ski for the price. Overall it is an excellent buy for many female skiers, although it has flaws and its highlights.

Icelantic Skis Oracle

Icelantic Skis Oracle

Mountain Snow Ski

There is minimal tip flutter, and they manage to shore through factor terrain without bucking their riders too much. For those skiers who adore carve turns on groomers, consider the Rossignol Soul 7 HD W instead. An independent handmade ski out of Colorado that provides a fun ride on topsheets and a more narrow waist. They did so despite an unfortunate prejudice, at the start, against ski manufacturers — many of whom had yet to impress us. The Oracle 88 came charging over snow and flew through bump lines to overcome this prejudice. They had been better at edge-control and speed than they ought to be for a softer ski, and we enjoyed them in powder. While they’re not a ski, we enjoyed to turn they are. Additionally, there’s the cost point.

Why Icelantic Skis Oracle 88 is better then others

The images on these skis have compliments on every seat and are magnificent. The mountain scene reminded us of one of our favorite artists here and made us feel right at home. And we love how they are using Colorado walnut to make this ski — solution to make Icelantic, lemonade! Icelantic packs a ton of virtue into this ski because we discovered that you can take them all and have a excellent time.

Folks need to agree since last season the manufacturer’s website ran out of the ski in the first season with our decisions! The sidewall construction should ensure it is long-lasting and hardy. One of our testers did note that the top sheet of a single ski had a slight flaw on it when they were received by us.

One could say that this may imply the possibility of other flaws in construction, or one may say that this is a quaint signature of a handmade ski from an independent (and neighborhood, depending on your definition and locale) business. We tend towards the latter.


The Icelantic Oracle performs nicely, particularly for an independent producer’s ski, in many different terrain and for anyone with between intermediate and advanced skills. The price point makes this an outstanding choice for those on the market. They’d predict a good deal of fun, In the event a prophecy could be offered by the Oracles.

Updated: April 13, 2020 — 2:29 pm

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