Jones Mind Expander Snowboard for Women

On the off chance that you need your snowboarding experience to feel as near surfing as could reasonably be expected, at that point you should consider the Mind Expander by Jones. This board has a trial profile that is intended to make it as surfy as conceivable in profound day off. Tragically, this makes it fairly a one-stunt board and we wouldn’t suggest this for tenderfoots or for any individual who is simply setting off to claim one snowboard. It is a strong expansion to your bunch of sheets, however it without a doubt isn’t a quiver-executioner.

New for the Mind Expander this year is a refreshed center and new stringers and sidewalls. Surfboard-enlivened, the center is built of bamboo wood, and the sidewalls are currently adjusted reused ABS. The adjusted plan keeps the top sheet from chipping. Likewise, no board update would be finished without new designs, and Jones conveyed there too. The refreshed Mind Expander is imagined first, trailed by the rendition we tried last season.

Snowboard for Women

We’re connecting to the new board, which is a touch more costly than last year’s, up from $550 to $600. The survey from here on, nonetheless, alludes to the past rendition.

The Mind Expander completed near the rear of the whole gathering, only in front of the Never Summer Insta/Gator and behind the Salomon Pad Talk. Both the Cushion Talk and the Mind Expander are incredible in powder, yet the Pad Talk is increasingly fun loving and has more pop, while the Mind Expander is progressively steady at speed and has better edge hold. It additionally is more costly. The Insta/Gator can’t coordinate both of these sheets in powder, yet it is unmistakably increasingly stable at speed and has way better edge hold, settling on it a predominant decision for custodians.

Jones Mind Expander Snowboard

While the rocker in the nose is an impediment with regards to edge hold, it demonstrated very gainful in this measurement. We took the Mind Expander to the mountain after the greatest tempests to assess and look at exactly how well it buoys and how it handles the most profound powder stashes. This measurement represents a fifth of its all out score, with the Jones conveying a totally incredible presentation, acquiring a 9 out of 10. This snowboard is excessively quick, very floaty, and is a flat out impact in powder. The Mind Expander has a Spoon 3.0 base with 7 mm of spoon incline in the nose and tail.

Jones Mind Expander Snowboard

Jones Mind Expander Snowboard

While the surf rocker profile is extraordinary for powder, it isn’t really an advantage for our next arrangement of assessments. For our steadiness metric, which represents 20% of the last score, we accepting each board as quick as possible down the steepest territory on the mountain, searching for any hazards to emerge or any undesirable jabber. The Mind Expander conveyed a not really good or bad arrangement of results, justifying a 7 out of 10. Jones included web combined carbon into the nose to diminish vibration and make for a smoother ride and we found that this board was less inclined to gab than a portion of the other powder-explicit sheets in the gathering.

Our next measurement — liveliness — additionally is worth 20% of the all out score for the Mind Expander. We rode the Jones all through the whole hotel, rating and assessing how it flexed and turned, how flexibility and spry it is, and how it did in the recreation center and in the trees — fundamentally how much fun the board is. The Mind Expander didn’t do the best.


While the Jones Mind Expander and its test surf rocker profile is certainly fun in powder days, the vast majority don’t get the opportunity to ski powder each and every day — and we are absolutely desirous of individuals that do — and we wish this board was more balanced to suggest it. It’s an extraordinary — yet costly — expansion to the quiver in the event that you can bear the cost of it, however not the best on the off chance that you just arrangement on possessing a solitary board.

Updated: May 14, 2020 — 4:27 pm

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