Nordica Enforcer 93 Review

When Nordica introduced their Enforcer 100, skiers from coast to coast went wild. It handled all types of ski conditions and terrain well and won awards. The Enforcer 100 was SO popular that by creating a ski using a profile a bit smaller, Nordica decided to build on their success. Typically, when a ski increases popularity and the manufacturer decides to capitalize on its success by offering different waist widths, the new variations fall flat on their face…but not so with all the Nordica Enforcer 93! The Enforcer is what its bigger brother is perhaps even more versatile and is. This variant, at the 185cm length, steps in at 126mm in 93mm underfoot, the tip, and 114mm from the tail. It’s a slight hint and tail rocker with camber in between an 18.5-meter turn radius. Our Writers were stoked to have the Enforcer back where it made a top select award. This competition has superb edge hold and energy through turns.

Nordica Enforcer 93 Review

Nordica Enforcer 93 Review

Once more, all of our testers loved the Nordica Enforcer 93s and have been begging for more days on them by the end of our testing period. A few of our testers amazed simply by going blow for blow with all our skis in testing class. This layout created a ski with a surprising quantity of flex, which stays constant from tip to tail, but also increases this ski’s overall stability and strength. An individual may anticipate these skis to have the capability to overpower the skier like the versions we tested, however, the power of the Enforcer is more easily exploited.

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All Mountain Ski

The cost is well worth it here. If it comes to skis, this model is at the end of the purchase price range yet performs like a dog. It is a fantastic value.

The 185cm model is accompanied by an 18.5-meter turn radius, but our testers felt it had been a cinch to alter the form and size of the turns in almost any way they desired. Once the ski is pushed, the tip rocker allows for nearly full edge contact, and the tail rocker allows for simple release out of every turn, no matter how fast you’re going.
Just like most skis from the all-mountain category, the Enforcer 93 wasn’t specifically designed for deep powder days. The rocker located at the tail and tip provides a little bit of float and excellent maneuverability in the snow, but on the days that are deepest, our testers wished for the Enforcer with 100mm underfoot while bottoming out to the firm snow underneath. These could be the sticks you reach for on a pow day, if your hill’s powder times are measured in inches rather than feet. Although not quite as steady as our top performers in the stability class, our testers felt comfortable pushing on this ski to its speed limit.

Nordica Enforcer 93

Nordica Enforcer 93

Nordica Enforcer 93 Ski

Though it fell short of being chosen as the top ski in the men’s all-mountain category, it earns a Top Pick for on-piste carving. They promised variations that were similar with the exact same performance after Nordica introduced their Enforcer 100, and also the 93mm underfoot version continues to live up to all the hype. The Enforcer 93 has found its market and may be favored over its companion in specific areas of the nation.

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Final Words

While the Enforcer 93 scored lower than a few pairs of skis we analyzed, it held its own. Nordica followed on their Enforcer 100 with a slightly more skinny ski and somehow managed to not lose any of the highly acclaimed functionality. The purchase price tag is. This version is in the end of the price range yet performs like a dog when it comes to skis. Because of the ratio, it is a fantastic value.

Updated: May 23, 2020 — 5:39 pm

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