Apex HP-L Women’s Review

This is tough for us since the boot is entirely distinct from another ski boot analyzed. It’s also unlike anything we have experienced before. We do worry that the flimsy straps can break or wear out quicker than the supported plastic of a ski boot that is conventional. There are several moving parts and pieces to break the longevity of each element is legitimate.

Apex HP-L Women's Review

Apex HP-L Women’s Review

You will need to size one full size up, if you wear a 25 on the mondo chart. We had this boot heat molded by means of an Apex trained tech, and the match was better after formed and using the liner baked to the foot. We suggest trying a demo or at least if you’re unsure, ordering two sizes.

Apex HP-L Women’s Review

Because the soft inner boot is removable in the hard shell exoskeleton, the only length is significantly longer than that of a traditional boot. Consequently, you will probably have to remount your bindings to your skis to match the length. The concept is brilliant, and the exoskeleton is easy to eliminate, but then the question begs,”what do you do with it”?

Apex HP L Review

Apex HP L Review

Innovation does not always translate to work. Thinking outside the box is the only way to keep pushing and breaking up the monotony of what is considered standard. We felt somewhat like”Bambi on ice” within this brand new design… let’s tell you .

We discovered this boot very difficult to ski at low rates, making really round skidded turns. Racers and our proficient tester couldn’t create a turn. We had the skier mechanism set up to the Apex Flex Arm, which is supposed to function as the stiffening grip arm that runs the back of the boot up. The new boot has lacing on the upper part, designed to secure the boot tighter. The changes seem to be subtle. Compare the two versions beneath; the Blanca is pictured first, followed up by the version we tested.

Ski Boots for Women

And still, the boot collapsed so fast our quads were screaming for rest. The leverage of a four buckle boot with a power strap lets you rest near the peak of the turn. This occurs when you use the boot and gravity to hold you up before you begin steering the skis and pile your entire body. We found this almost impossible to achieve in the HP-L because the gentle boot and flimsy exoskeleton straps onto the exoskeleton are not stiff enough to maintain upward an adult body. We found skating to the chairlift.

Considering that a snowboard boot is significantly more comfortable than traditional ski boots, we expected huge gains in comfort. However, we did not find the HP-L to be any more or less comfortable. In fact, the fit to be comfortable than others analyzed because they provide so little support was felt by us. This boot might be an alternative for somebody who finds it difficult to get into a ski boot that is plastic and lacks ankle freedom.

Final Words

We like that Apex is thinking outside the box, and are excited that new technology is making its way into a game that conveys a lot of passion for so many people. This boot drops short.

Updated: May 2, 2020 — 3:45 pm

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