Volkl 90eight W Review

The title Volkl tends to inspire images of hard-charging Germans on slick freshwater pistes; those skis live up to the ruggedness of that history, but besides their brutish personality, they don’t have much to give the typical weekend warrior.

One other category in which we hoped these skis would excel, but in this circumstance, they fell somewhat short. Their limited camber underfoot (the ski looks nearly horizontal, with rocker hints ) makes it difficult to get it to bend and grip the snow with any chutzpah. The principal issue we had with this ski was that straight from the mill, the front half of this ski seemed to be staged too sharp, causing a grabby-ness at the conclusion of the turn rather than letting an effortless release and begin of a fresh twist.

Volkl 90eight W Review

Volkl 90eight W Review

Given Volkl’s propensity for stiffness, we expected these skis to execute well in this category, and they did not disappoint. Once you have acquired the ski’s focus and place it moving on track, the 90Eights are pleased to plug along on the street just like a Mack truck; when you decide you want to exit or change lanes, the problem is. As tester Carrie Pritchard noted,”Sometimes I think that it requires an act of God to turn these items!” Regarding edge and stability hold, they are powerful performers.

Volkl 90Eight Skis

Much like all the other types, the ski was shooting at the end of the twist in crud — perhaps to a larger extent as it had been deflected by snow. Where the power of this ski shines through, following the retune, rough-and-tumble snow conditions are. The 90eights is a powerhouse from the chop, with their rigidity to bust through snow that is funky.

We were eager to deliver the Volkl 90eight skis to the fold of our testing crew. Unfortunately, we were mostly dissatisfied with this ski. We expected they might be a version of this Volkl Aura that we adored in years ago, but they are entirely different. The normal camber facet doesn’t appear to aid them much because it’s so subtle. We felt a catchiness that was distinct in the end of each turn, and we hypothesized that the mill song might have been too sharp at the front half of this ski. After a re/detune, the issue was mitigated, but we fell in love. They need power and precision, and the outcomes are exciting when you deliver on such conditions.

Volkl 90eight W

Volkl 90eight W


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We did not find those skis to be quite lively at all; they obtained our lowest ranking here of almost any ski in any metric. There is rebound, especially compared to the Spirit 7s along with the Elan Ripstick 94. When it comes to their weight, they are in the middle of the bunch, and they do not spring in the air easily. The 90eights have camber underfoot that is routine, but the camber is so slight that they flat. Flat describes the experience of skiing them. You can not let up on those boards; of who is in charge at all times, which doesn’t lend itself into a light-hearted experience, you need to remind them.


We think it is an affordable price for the ski, while this ski exits at the upper half price-wise of the skis we tested. It may be worth contemplating that price of about $ 60 on top of the retail cost, as many skiers might love to get them de-tuned. A rigid and strong ski that occasionally rewards a solid skier in the right states, but will punish those who can’t handle it.

Updated: April 23, 2020 — 4:14 pm

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