Kaenon Clarke Sunglasses Review

Weighing 29 g, the Clarks are fairly mild – and much milder than many glass options. They balanced, so helping them to stay put in your face. The Variflex nose pads have been inserted in the frames and add a touch of rubberiness select up countless fuzzies from wiping them or to hold them without being tacky they feel strange in your face.

Kaenon Clarke Sunglasses Review

Kaenon Clarke Sunglasses Review

If you are after the most stylish pair of sunglasses, the Clarks likely aren’t being worn any Italian runways. Our crowd of judgment passers and testers really think these sunglasses are trendy for getting out there and doing on-water activities that are awesome and don’t look out of place drifting through downtown on a weekend or heading to the supermarket. Even through a large selection of face shapes and sizes, the Clarks perform a fantastic job of working for pretty much everybody. We are impressed with how theyreally enjoyed by a few people who believed they would not look great and’re accepted.

Kaenon Clarke Sunglasses

We really enjoy these lenses for the two on-water activities and everyday use. Truly, the only spot is that they lack some of the other lenses offer, like blockage and infrared congestion or HEV. While this makes nearly no difference to what you see (HEV and infrared are both outside the visible spectrum), these two wavelengths of light have been implicated in certain causes of eye fatigue. So while we wish these lenses that are impressive had a little more protection for the spectrum that is visible, we are happy and very comfortable with quality and the protection they provide.
We analyzed the Clarks using Grey 12 Pacific Blue Mirror Lenses made specifically for water and paddle activities. They are a medium-full match, are available with prescription lenses, and include a gentle bag/cleaning cloth and a zippered shell case.

Kaenon Clarke Review

Kaenon Clarke Review

The Grey 12 Pacific Blue Mirror lenses we tested in the Clarks are high-quality SR-91 lenses made from a proprietary blend of polycarbonate. We are impressed by how clear that these lenses are to look through, considering they are up against some solid glass opponents. They also block particular wavelengths of light between green, red, and blue, without distorting colors providing contrast for the eye. They are very comfortable to wear in just about any light situation, and their blend of coatings on top of lenses makes them very able to withstand the abuses we put them through – like dropping them into the lake and throwing them


Unlike many other sunnies, the Kaenons don’t have spring hinges. Instead, they went forward and put fixed barrel hinges on frames that were semi-flexible. This makes them both as flexible because choices with spring hinges on stiff frames, and we believe that carrying the bend pressure and distributing it is a great solution for a comfortable pair of shades. Based on how close you like to wear your sunnies you might find these touch your cheeks or your eyebrows. If that is something that bothers you, these may not be the shape for you. But if you tend to wear your eyeglasses a touch they’re unlikely to hit anything and we believe they are a pair to wear even on long days at the sun.
Their Blue Mirror coating assist cut out even more stray glare, making them a wonderful selection for a bright day deep-water fishing. They have an anti-reflective coating on the back of the lenses, which goes a long way toward preventing you from seeing your reflection about the backside of these glasses as they are worn by you.


This pair of sunglasses is not just a standout performer when it concerns the quality and protection they provide, but also a excellent all-around option which works exceedingly well across sports and activities and is a favorite to wear for both comfort and fashion. It’s easily our favourite pair across the plank, and we believe you’ll like them.

Updated: May 6, 2020 — 2:57 pm

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