Oakley Sutro Prizm Sunglasses Review

The Sutro is a strong all-around pair of shades with incredible inclusion and the absolute best optics in our test. When contrasted with a portion of Oakley’s other cutting edge, advanced execution contributions, this current model’s legacy style is generally downplayed. We adored the huge Prizm Road lens for the breeze and effect insurance it gave at high speeds, also its sharp, high-differentiate optics.

Oakley Sutro Prizm Sunglasses

Oakley Sutro Prizm Sunglasses

The strong casing gives an agreeable, very much molded fit for normal to marginally better than expected head sizes, however individuals with bigger heads may encounter some weight and uneasiness along the edges of the head after some time. At 166$, the Sutro sits toward the more affordable finish of models that we tried, and we think its value a look from any outside competitor.

Oakley Sutro Prizm Sunglasses

Since the mid-eighties, Oakley has been a main trailblazer in the exhibition shades industry. Today they’re one of a couple of industry goliaths routinely producing new and novel structures and pushing the business forward. The Sutro is probably the most recent contribution, so we concluded it would be an extraordinary contender for our test.

With its top notch Prizm lens, extraordinary inclusion, and a jazzy legacy look, we found a great deal to like about this model, however we additionally had a few worries about its scope of fit and capacity to channel sweat away from the lens during hard endeavors.

Oakley Sutro Prizm Sunglasses Review

Oakley Sutro Prizm Sunglasses Review

We tried the Sutro with Oakley’s Prizm Road lens, and completely adored it. Oakley’s Prizm innovation has just been around throughout the previous barely any years, and it purportedly went through over 10 years being developed. Our Prizm Road lens offered 20% noticeable light transmission for medium to splendid light conditions just as 100% insurance from destructive UV beams.

The optics were among the best of any model in our test with high complexity, sharp lucidity, and no undeniable mutilation. We saw the Road tint as overly flexible and feasible over a wide scope of light conditions, and Oakley offers a couple of other tint choices to meet your requirements.

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Generally, our analyzers found that the Sutro is an agreeable pair of glasses with an all around considered plan. The nose piece is made of Oakley’s “Unobtainium” hydrophilic elastic and makes for an agreeable and grippy contact point. There’s no modification in the nose piece, however the elastic should stretch and shape to most nose types for a steady fit.

The arms are among the longest of any model in our test and form well to the sides of the head. A great many people won’t have an excessive amount of edge contact over the forehead or at the cheekbones, so there’s no compelling reason to stress over uneasiness there.

The Sutro comes as a major aspect of the ongoing influx of goggle-esque shades and gives extraordinary inclusion and security. The lens is one of the greatest in our test at 150mm wide and 55mm tall.

The barrel shaped lens doesn’t form very as near the face as a portion of the circular lens models we took a gander at, yet the sheer size of the lens is sufficient to keep you all around secured.

The Sutro is an incredible pair of glasses for practically any open air movement. They were structured in light of urban and road cycling, yet there’s no explanation they wouldn’t make extraordinary mountain biking, climbing, running, or boondocks skiing glasses. Oakley offers lens alternatives for pretty much any light condition. We likewise believe they’re sufficiently downplayed to be sensible in regular circumstances in case you’re willing to be somewhat intense.

Final Words

We have not many objections about the Sutro. This model performed well no matter how you look at it with only a couple of hiccups. The fit isn’t as adaptable as a portion of different models we tried, and the casing has some periodic issues diverting perspiration away from the lens, however other than that we adored the Sutro for its sharp optics and phenomenal inclusion.

Updated: May 15, 2020 — 4:56 pm

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