Sports Sunglasses Smith Attack Max

The style of those glasses is ideal for stand out on the street or trail whether you’re doing virtually anything else active, or cycling, running, cross-country ski. There is no reason you can not wear them just casually or around town. However, our testers tend to place them away once they get the bicycle off and switch to a pair of lifestyle glasses.
We tested them for several months through the late summer and fall throughout the greater Lake Tahoe region. We took them road, gravel, and mountain bike rides, and a handful of trail runs in a variety of mountain climate conditions. When all was said and done, the Attack Max was our Best Choice for Versatility.

Sports Sunglasses Smith Attack Max Review

Sports Sunglasses Smith Attack Max Review

Overall, we feel that the lens quality of the Attack Max is top of the heap, rivaled only by the Oakley Prizm lens of the Flight Jacket. Both sunglasses do quite well and lens technologies like Prizm and Chromapop which help to boost contrast and have outstanding crystal clear design. The bar is raised by the fact that Smith includes two lenses with the Attack Max over the Oakley also ensures you have the proper lenses for your conditions.
They provide exceptional distortion-free optics with enhanced contrast thanks to their Chromapop technology. The mirrored lens coatings both the Red Mirror and the Contrast Rose lenses seems to be scratch-resistant and extremely durable, both seem brand new despite heavy usage. Where the magnetic arms hook remain well fastened to the lens, the fittings connected to the corners of the lens.

Smith Attack Max Sunglasses

Smith Optics has been generating performance enhancers for decades and the Attack Max is among several newer versions in their lineup. Following in the footsteps of their Pivlock versions that are popular, with easy lens changes and lenses, the Attack Max comes with an updated lens form and arm attachment system that is magnetic.

Attack Max

Attack Max

Smith has been in the sunglass business for a long time, and their experience is apparent in their high quality lenses. The Attack Max comes standard with two of their signature Chromapop lenses that provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays. Our test model came with a Chromapop Red Mirror lens with a Chromapop Contrast Rose lens with a 48% VLT for low light requirements as well as a VLT for bright light conditions. Both lenses are created with Smith’s carbonic structure that meets the ANSI Z80.3 criteria for impact resistance and is treated with a hydrophobic coating to repel oil and water. Their design is performance-oriented and stylish using a wraparound fit and a large lens. They do not have the biggest lens of the models in our test, however at tall and 135mm wide using a curved design and close fit to the face, they offer as much or more security than other models we tested. The spherical polycarbonate lenses provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays, plus they fulfill the ANSI Z80.3 standards for impact resistance.

Attack Max Sports Sun Glasses

We’re quite impressed with the lenses of this Smith Wildcat along with the POC Aspire, even though they couldn’t quite match the curved lenses in this particular metric. The Julbo Aero also includes a superior lens, but lost ground due to lack of flexibility and its tint. This versatile competitor has a frameless lens using protection and superb protection against light and end for travel at high rates of speed. We adored it has all time performance so much that we given our Top Choice for Versatility to the Attack Max. This versions includes two Chromapop lenses for both bright and low light conditions and swapping between them is quick and simple with the removable nosepiece and arm connection. The clarity is exceptional, and the Chromapop lenses help improve definition and contrast in a range of lighting requirements. We believe these are a terrific alternative for any kind of trail running, biking, or some other high-speed activity.


Smith’s Attack Max is a high-quality set of performance sunglasses which checked all of our boxes. They boast eye protection, fantastic coverage, quality Chromapop optics, a comfortable fit, and a quality difficult situation. They are expensive, but we feel that they represent a fantastic value. We believe the Attack Max are among the very best in our test today and among the top performance sunglass models in the marketplace.

Updated: April 16, 2020 — 9:15 pm

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