Suunto Traverse GPS Watch

The suunto traverse is a gps-enabled altimeter watch that offers outstanding climb and descent metrics. However, it would not simply stand out for any precise cause. It features an altimeter and barometric profile similarly to several fitness education features. But, the battery existence in this version is a skimpy weeks with out gps and eight hours with it, so it is confined to brief adventures.

Suunto Traverse GPS Watch

Suunto Traverse GPS Watch

Even though the features and the watch are excellent on their very own, there are better value alternatives obtainable. We just like the fusedalti characteristic, which furnished distinctly correct readings. In our altimeter accuracy checks trekking over 10,000 vertical toes, we learned that accuracy numerous everyday with this watch. The center and ambit3 peak offer extra dependable readings and are consistently extra precise. The traverse become additionally fairly correct, being off best by way of 50 to 500 toes with everyday calibrations.

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That stated, we nevertheless advise this watch because the altimeter is quite correct and will assist you get where you are going. Just make certain to calibrate it regularly. To be blunt, the battery lifestyles within the traverse is clearly terrible as compared to the relaxation of the gps watches that we tested. Using everyday settings (a gps point each 60 seconds) we determined that the battery existence only lasts approximately 8 hours. In contrast, the suunto ambit3 peak lasts almost two times as long. Moreover, even when not the usage of the gps, the watch lasts just weeks. Lamentably, this boundaries the usage of this model extensively.

Suunto Traverse GPS Watch Review

Suunto Traverse GPS Watch Review

As a result, it earned one in all our lowest scores for battery existence. Of all of the watches examined, that is one of the less complicated ones to parent out. The menu and interface are similar to the suunto ambit3 top, however it has fewer features. We located that the buttons were not as easy to press as on the other gps watches examined due to the fact they are flat on the ends in preference to convex.

Suunto Traverse GPS Watch

The profiles generated for the altimeter and barometer do not examine to the garmin fenix 5x plus sapphire, which incorporates crisp, clean coloration graphs. In addition, this watch comes with a storm alert that will burst off when there is a drop of two hpa (0. 59 inhg) over three hours. In our revel in the alarm does work, however it is not usually correct at predicting whether or no longer there’s, in truth, a storm on the way.

The digital compass is tilt-compensated and presents you with a cardinal path and connection with actual north. Like different watches tested, you may manually calibrate the declination, and it additionally capabilities a nifty bearing lock. All of the features are similar to different gps watches. Of all the gps watches tested, this has the fewest variety of functions.

Though this watch is engineered to be a fitness tracker, it has some different available navigational capabilities as properly — enough to preserve you updated on health monitoring. Similarly, like other gps watches, it features each gps and glonass networks for a higher signal and accuracy. At a price of $419, we think it’s a decent value, particularly given that you may discover it on sale at a variety of dealers.

However, we think the suunto ambit3 peak has almost all of the same functions of the traverse with a miles longer battery existence, is well worth the marginally more top rate.


The traverse is a gps health trainer with a built-in altimeter and barometer. It has all the primary features of an altimeter watch, however the battery life is pretty terrible. If you’re looking for a gps watch, we’d advise instead searching on the suunto ambit3 height that has all of the identical features, better battery existence, and more consolation.

Updated: May 12, 2020 — 4:22 pm

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